Notice on January 2021 Lockdown

Dear Parishioners,
As you may have already heard, the First Minister announced today a return to national lockdown similar to the one we experienced back in March. This is how this will affect us as parishes.

  1. From Friday churches must close. There must be no public Masses, devotions, etc.,
    and churches must not be left open for private prayer.
  2. Funerals and weddings can still go ahead in church. Only 20 may be at a funeral and
    only 5 at a wedding (i.e. the priest, couple, and two witnesses).
  3. Sick calls to hospitals and care homes will depend on the institution; sick calls to
    private homes can go ahead in danger of death with all appropriate precautions in
  4. Confessions can still be heard outdoors, since two people from two households are
    still allowed to meet outside.

These restrictions are due to last at least until the end of January, but may be extended. You can read the First minister’s statement here

Consequently, as from this Weekend, the Holy Mass can be accessed online on Sundays at 9am and Weekday Masses (Monday-Friday) 10am. You can access there on the ‘Our Masses’ tab on our website or on our Youtube Channel and Facebook Page.

We will keep you up to date if anything changes.

Let us continue to keep each other in our prayers as always.
Be safe and remain blessed.
Fr. Benneth

A PDF version of this notice is available here.

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