Paul on Paul

During COVID-19 restrictions, in order to keep Mass as safe as possible, the Bishop’s Conference has decided that the 2nd Reading should be omitted in order to reduce the length of the Mass.

The 2nd Reading is usually an Epistle (which means Letter) and is almost always on of St. Paul’s letters. These are important because the give us an insight into the early church – and we can see that the early Christians faced many of the same problems and questions that we, as 21st Century Catholics do.

So we can continue to draw on the wisdom of each Sunday’s 2nd Reading, our parish catechist, Paul, will be sharing short reflections on St. Paul each week to help us consider these more deeply.

‘Brothers All’

Paul on Paul – 29th August 2021

James 1:17-18, 21-22, 17
Just as humanity gave up Paradise through Free Will – it takes an act of our Free Will to committ to God, allow our faith to change us, and to take advantage of the Salvation that God has provided us through Christ.


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